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NameCountryRepresentativeJoin DateStatusActivity
Kadeem Nicolas FranceIvan Magalhaes2021-02-25 PROPOSAL
Izzy Cody ItalyXuxue Feng2021-02-26 PROPOSAL
Emily Cody GermanyStephen Shaw2021-02-23 PROPOSAL
Tony Kadeem FranceIvan Magalhaes2021-02-19 NEGOTIATION
Silvio Arvin JapanOnyama Limba2021-02-27 NEGOTIATION
Leja Emily JapanStephen Shaw2021-02-24 RENEWAL
Kadeem Morrow GermanyBernardo Dominic2021-02-27 QUALIFIED
Clifford Rodrigues BrazilStephen Shaw2021-02-07 NEW
Kaitlin Darci AustraliaIvan Magalhaes2021-02-14 NEW
Cody James United KingdomIvan Magalhaes2021-02-07 UNQUALIFIED


Scrollable table with gridlines (.ui-datatable-gridlines), striped rows (.ui-datatable-striped) and smaller paddings (ui-datatable-sm).

NameCountryRepresentativeJoin DateStatusActivity
Jefferson Stacey SpainAmy Elsner2021-02-19 QUALIFIED
Izzy Lionel JapanOnyama Limba2021-02-12 PROPOSAL
Francesco Kadeem FranceStephen Shaw2021-02-26 PROPOSAL
Murillo Adams ArgentinaOnyama Limba2021-02-21 NEGOTIATION
Clifford Leon ArgentinaAnna Fali2021-02-28 RENEWAL
Arvin Juan ArgentinaOnyama Limba2021-02-25 NEGOTIATION
Ashley Clifford ArgentinaAnna Fali2021-02-25 QUALIFIED
Jennifer Leja FranceAnna Fali2021-02-14 NEW
Emily Antonio BrazilIvan Magalhaes2021-02-05 UNQUALIFIED
Julie Aika JapanStephen Shaw2021-02-28 RENEWAL
Wickens Lionel ArgentinaXuxue Feng2021-02-10 NEGOTIATION
Aika Nicolas GermanyIvan Magalhaes2021-02-27 QUALIFIED
Ivar Aika RussiaBernardo Dominic2021-02-23 PROPOSAL
Aika Alejandro FranceIoni Bowcher2021-02-16 PROPOSAL
Greenwood Morrow ItalyIvan Magalhaes2021-02-10 NEGOTIATION
Leon James United KingdomAnna Fali2021-02-27 QUALIFIED
Jefferson Clifford GermanyStephen Shaw2021-02-14 RENEWAL
Morrow Claire FranceIvan Magalhaes2021-02-08 RENEWAL
Isabel Kadeem BrazilAsiya Javayant2021-02-24 UNQUALIFIED
Tony Izzy BrazilAmy Elsner2021-02-09 PROPOSAL
Aika Salvatore GermanyIvan Magalhaes2021-02-02 RENEWAL
David Ivar RussiaXuxue Feng2021-02-15 UNQUALIFIED
Cody Salvatore GermanyAnna Fali2021-02-03 UNQUALIFIED
Leon Tony SpainOnyama Limba2021-02-08 QUALIFIED
Leon Antonio ArgentinaOnyama Limba2021-02-14 PROPOSAL
Juan Morrow SpainAnna Fali2021-02-15 NEW
Aditya Lionel IndiaIvan Magalhaes2021-02-14 QUALIFIED
Mujtaba Smith IndiaOnyama Limba2021-02-24 NEGOTIATION
Salvatore Leon ArgentinaBernardo Dominic2021-02-10 NEGOTIATION
Antonio Sinclair ItalyOnyama Limba2021-02-12 NEW
Murillo Stacey JapanAsiya Javayant2021-02-06 UNQUALIFIED
James Julie FranceIvan Magalhaes2021-02-03 QUALIFIED
Rodrigues Chavez GermanyIvan Magalhaes2021-02-25 NEW
Claire Salvatore RussiaIvan Magalhaes2021-02-04 RENEWAL
Octavia Julie SpainOnyama Limba2021-02-20 PROPOSAL
Mujtaba Smith ArgentinaElwin Sharvill2021-02-03 PROPOSAL
Sinclair Stacey FranceBernardo Dominic2021-02-15 QUALIFIED
Emily Jefferson RussiaAsiya Javayant2021-03-01 NEGOTIATION
Morrow Sinclair JapanIvan Magalhaes2021-02-07 PROPOSAL
Maria Chavez ItalyAsiya Javayant2021-02-14 NEGOTIATION
Antonio Misaki United KingdomAsiya Javayant2021-02-12 QUALIFIED
Octavia Ashley RussiaAmy Elsner2021-02-26 QUALIFIED
Jennifer Tony GermanyElwin Sharvill2021-02-15 UNQUALIFIED
James Lionel IndiaAnna Fali2021-02-06 NEW
Ivar Ashley ItalyOnyama Limba2021-02-25 QUALIFIED
Munro Johnson CanadaStephen Shaw2021-02-24 PROPOSAL
Isabel Octavia FranceAsiya Javayant2021-02-27 PROPOSAL
Kaitlin Lionel AustraliaIvan Magalhaes2021-03-01 PROPOSAL
Mayumi Silvio CanadaAmy Elsner2021-03-01 NEGOTIATION
Ashley Francesco FranceAnna Fali2021-02-10 RENEWAL